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End of Covid-19 pandemic 'in sight', says WHO chief
15 Sep 2022
Malaysia to increase financial contribution to WHO by 2029
26 May 2022
Khairy: Proposal to ban the sale of smoking products to those born after 2005 in the works
28 Jan 2022
WHO says Omicron is not 'mild' as there is record weekly jump in Covid-19 cases
7 Jan 2022
Omicron 'overtaking' Delta in S. Africa
3 Dec 2021
WHO validates China's Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use
8 May 2021
Vietnam News | WHO rep praises Vietnam's efforts to control Covid-19
29 Jan 2021
WHO will see first results from Covid-19 drug trials within two weeks
4 Jul 2020
US economic recovery will be long and slow despite reopening
21 Jun 2020
WHO says the 'hypothesis' behind China's new outbreak needs further testing
16 Jun 2020
Nations join WHO in virus initiative, but not US
25 Apr 2020
U.S. pulls funding from WHO
15 Apr 2020
WHO warns of 'deadly resurgence' if restrictions lifted too quickly
11 Apr 2020
WHO: US and China should come together and fight Covid-19
9 Apr 2020
US threatens to withhold funding to WHO for ‘missing the call’
8 Apr 2020
Coronavirus cases top half a million, protective gear lacking, says WHO
28 Mar 2020
Covid-19: 'We can change the trajectory of this pandemic' - WHO
24 Mar 2020
WHO characterises COVID-19 outbreak as pandemic
12 Mar 2020
WHO: Coronavirus not spreading 'dramatically' outside China
14 Feb 2020
WHO: World must consider coronavirus 'public enemy number one'
12 Feb 2020
Coronavirus outbreak may be over in China by April, says expert
11 Feb 2020
WHO declares global coronavirus emergency, death toll 170
31 Jan 2020