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At Easter vigil, Pope Francis encourages hope amid 'icy winds of war'
9 Apr 2023
Pope Francis leads Palm Sunday mass after hospital stay
2 Apr 2023
Pope Francis hospitalised for respiratory infection
30 Mar 2023
Former Pope Benedict dies aged 95 in Vatican monastery
31 Dec 2022
Pope Francis denies he is planning to resign soon
4 Jul 2022
Pope apologises to indigenous Canadians for wrongs at residential schools
2 Apr 2022
Pope says humanity has ‘friendship’ with vaccines
16 Sep 2021
Pope, in Easter message, slams weapons spending in time of Covid-19 pandemic
4 Apr 2021
Pope, at Easter vigil, hopes for post-pandemic rebirth
4 Apr 2021
Poor, homeless vaccinated by the Vatican against Covid-19
1 Apr 2021
Pope Francis appears in low-key Christmas Eve mass
25 Dec 2020