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Trump: Kim and I can get it done
13 Jun 2018
Take advantage of new attitude of North Korea, says Dr M
11 Jun 2018
Capella Hotel is the venue of Kim-Trump summit
8 Jun 2018
Designer Kate Spade found dead in apparent suicide
6 Jun 2018
China says US cannot demand it to do anything
4 Jun 2018
U.S. weighs more South China Sea patrols
4 Jun 2018
One man missing after devastating Maryland storm
29 May 2018
Tun M: Govt does not support US embassy in Jerusalem
17 May 2018
Ivanka Trump officially opens US embassy in Jerusalem
15 May 2018
Mother’s Day meal for homeless moms
13 May 2018
North Korea says denuclearisation pledge not result of US-led sanctions
7 May 2018
New York cabbies rally against ridesharing apps
26 Apr 2018
Over 200 million eggs recalled in salmonella scare
16 Apr 2018
Trump: I don't know about US$130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels
6 Apr 2018
Migrants at U.S-Mexico border unfazed by Trump
5 Apr 2018
Kim Jong Un secretly met with China's Xi Jinping
28 Mar 2018
Texas police increase reward in bombing case
19 Mar 2018
Trump on Tillerson: We're not thinking the same
14 Mar 2018
Trump fires Tillerson after clashes
14 Mar 2018
Teen killed, women injured in second Austin explosion
13 Mar 2018
Investigators have not determined cause of fatal NYC helicopter crash
13 Mar 2018
Asia-Pacific nations sign sweeping trade deal
9 Mar 2018
North Korea open to talks with US and halting nuclear pursuit, says South
6 Mar 2018
Trial begins for widow of Orlando nightclub gunman
2 Mar 2018
After Olympics, S. Korean skier Jackie now searching for her birth parents
21 Feb 2018
At least 17 dead in Florida high school shooting
15 Feb 2018
US embassy at ease with Malaysians protesting against Jerusalem decision
8 Feb 2018
Kylie Jenner introduces her daughter Stormi
7 Feb 2018
Trump warns on unfair trade and says US open for business
27 Jan 2018
Colorado police shooting suspect in custody, two others sought
26 Jan 2018
Trans-Pacific trade pact to be signed without US
24 Jan 2018
US Vice President's visit to Jerusalem further angers Palestine
23 Jan 2018
At 99, she is still dancing
9 Jan 2018
Two injured in fire at New York's Trump Tower
9 Jan 2018
All-rounder Malaysian Cadet making waves as one of US naval academy top cadets
5 Jan 2018
US will withdraw funding if Palestinians reject peace talks
3 Jan 2018
A numbing cold wave grips the U.S.
31 Dec 2017
Apple says sorry after outcry over slowed iPhones
29 Dec 2017
Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down aging iPhones
28 Dec 2017
128 UN member states call for USA to withdraw Jerusalem move
22 Dec 2017
Malaysia's stance remains despite USA's warning over Jerusalem move
21 Dec 2017
US vetos ‘insulting’ UN vote over status of Jerusalem
19 Dec 2017
Zahid: PM, Hadi to lead rally against US' Jerusalem decision
15 Dec 2017
Pakatan Harapan to hold rally to protest US' Jerusalem move
12 Dec 2017
Arab states urge USA to abandon Jerusalem move
10 Dec 2017
Jerusalem: Diplomatic ties with U.S won't be affected says Najib
9 Dec 2017
North Korea says UN envoy expressed willingness to ease tensions
9 Dec 2017
Muslims around Asia and Mideast condemn Trump's Jerusalem move
8 Dec 2017
Man rescues rabbit from California wildfires
8 Dec 2017
'Fantastic Six' recapture world bowling title for Malaysia
4 Dec 2017
Nanny tackles female thief in US
3 Dec 2017
U.S. calls Myanmar atrocities 'ethnic cleansing'
23 Nov 2017
Trump declares North Korea state sponsor of terrorism, triggers sanctions
21 Nov 2017
Controversial blogger Amos Yee invited to speak at Harvard
11 Nov 2017
TPP countries agree to move ahead without US
11 Nov 2017
TPP talks reach critical point at APEC summit
10 Nov 2017
Trump: We will not be intimidated by North Korea
8 Nov 2017
Paradise Papers: Apple reacts to media reports
8 Nov 2017
The Trumps arrive in Hawaii
4 Nov 2017
Najib explains his US visit to Dewan Rakyat
30 Oct 2017
Texas father changes story about toddler's death, say police
25 Oct 2017
Ninety percent of Raqqa retaken from Islamic State, says US military
18 Oct 2017
Free after five years: U.S.-Canadian family rescued in Pakistan
13 Oct 2017
Who made it, who will miss out 2018 World Cup
11 Oct 2017
US backs 300% in duties on Bombardier
7 Oct 2017
Kids home alone, mum goes on a vacation
30 Sep 2017
Malaysians banned from going to North Korea
28 Sep 2017
Thailand ranked as third highest grossing nation in tourism revenue
27 Sep 2017
US ventures decided by investment committee, says PM
25 Sep 2017
Najib: No truth to Malaysia currying favour with US over purchasing Boeing planes
14 Sep 2017
Najib: Successful 3-day visit to Washington D.C.
14 Sep 2017
Najib: Malaysia is important to the U.S.
12 Sep 2017
Millions of Floridians brace for Irma
10 Sep 2017
Najib: Malaysia open to forging bilateral trade agreement with U.S
8 Sep 2017
The iPhone 8 could face delays at launch: WSJ
8 Sep 2017
United Airlines won't be fined for the David Dao dragging incident, US officials say
7 Sep 2017
Man blames cough mixture for killing wife
5 Sep 2017
US cops defend shooting of bat-wielding man
1 Sep 2017
Houston facing more rain as flooding cripples city
30 Aug 2017
Trump says message from North Korean missile over Japan 'loud and clear'
30 Aug 2017
33 injured in high-speed train collision in Philadelphia
22 Aug 2017
Malaysian boy gets third place in brain competition
18 Aug 2017
Taylor Swift wins groping trial against radio DJ
15 Aug 2017
Car plows into crowd at white nationalist rally in Virginia
13 Aug 2017
DPM meets Tillerson
10 Aug 2017
Trump: “Fire and fury” if N. Korea threatens again
9 Aug 2017
Chinese robots taken down after rogue outburst
7 Aug 2017
Toyota and Mazda join forces to build US plant
5 Aug 2017
Rogue monk repatriated to Thailand from the US for criminal trail
20 Jul 2017