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MOSTI on alien objects: A team has been deployed to analyse them
1 Aug 2022
Black object found in Batu Niah, Sarawak, believed to be debris from China's rocket
1 Aug 2022
China launches lab module to be docked with Tiangong space station
24 Jul 2022
China launches crewed mission to complete space station construction
6 Jun 2022
China's Shenzhou-13 astronauts arrive in Beijing
17 Apr 2022
A glimpse of landing site of Shenzhou-12 spacecraft
17 Sep 2021
China says no damage on the ground after Tiangong-1 burnt up over South Pacific Ocean
3 Apr 2018
Angkasa says chances of spacecraft falling to Malaysia are very low
16 Nov 2017
Chinese space station wall to fall to Earth in months
26 Oct 2017