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Brexiteer Boris Johnson to be Britain's next prime minister
23 Jul 2019
Sorry for Theresa May
25 May 2019
'The country I love': Theresa May breaks down in resignation speech
24 May 2019
UK PM May fires defense minister over Huawei leak
2 May 2019
Britain and Brexit in chaos after vote fails
13 Mar 2019
May's Brexit defeat triggers new confidence vote
16 Jan 2019
Theresa May survives no-confidence vote
13 Dec 2018
Theresa May says will fight confidence vote with everything she has got
12 Dec 2018
EU's top court says UK can unilaterally stop Brexit
10 Dec 2018
British PM defends air strikes in Syria against parliament critics
17 Apr 2018
US, Britain, France launch air strikes in Syria
14 Apr 2018
Trump blasts U.S. embassy deal, cancels trip to London
12 Jan 2018
Britain and EU clinch key Brexit deal
8 Dec 2017
Resignation again strikes scandal-ridden UK govt
9 Nov 2017
British PM and EU chief call for faster Brexit talks
17 Oct 2017
Prankster and coughing fit mar Theresa May's speech
5 Oct 2017
Theresa May warns Boeing over Bombardier row
29 Sep 2017