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The Straits Times | US Vice-President Kamala Harris leaves Singapore
25 Aug 2021
Bolsonaro threatens use of armed forces unless Brazil “returns to normality"
28 May 2021
Migrants face long paths to the US-Mexico border
1 Apr 2021
Poorer countries could start getting Covid-19 vaccines this month, says WHO
8 Jan 2021
Peruvians protest after president was ousted
11 Nov 2020
Clowns arrested at Peru funeral for entertainer who died from coronavirus
2 Sep 2020
First shipment of lemons from Argentina arrives in China
15 Aug 2020
Portuguese, Spanish police bust huge 'pineapple' cocaine ring
18 Jan 2018
Argentina, Brazil and Germany are still favourites in 2018 World Cup
1 Dec 2017