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Persimmon industry shapes China’s Shaanxi province
29 Oct 2022
Ecological conservation helps village in China's Shaanxi rise above poverty line
3 Oct 2022
China's Guanzhong Plain embraces harvest season
30 May 2022
Chinese medical workers race against time to fight Covid-19 in moutainous areas
26 Mar 2022
China's zero-Covid-19 approach ensures safety of all, says Malaysian student
15 Jan 2022
Expats in China's Xi'an feel safe, stay sanguine amid Covid-19 resurgence
4 Jan 2022
Food, items delivered to Xi'an amid Covid-19 resurgence
31 Dec 2021
China's Xi'an city beefs up measures to contain Covid-19 resurgence
27 Dec 2021
‘Space apples’ in the limelight after China’s space mission
13 Dec 2021
Kiwifruits sweeten life in northwest China county
4 Dec 2021
Wild panda filmed gobbling up meat in China
1 Dec 2021
Millennium-old tomb lifts sheds light on little-known ancient period of Chinese history
31 Aug 2021
2,200-year-old bronze chariots, horses displayed in new museum in Xi’an
19 May 2021
Silk Road expo promotes Belt and Road cooperation
13 May 2021
How to make roujiamo, Chinese hamburger
2 Mar 2021
Son abducted 32 years ago reunites with parents
20 May 2020
Car narrowly swallowed by sinkhole in China
13 Aug 2018
Nine injured after ceiling decoration collapsed in China
17 Jun 2018
World's largest yellowish waterfall Hukou Waterfall receives large number of visitors on Sunday
30 Apr 2018
Senior acrobats from Xi'an
20 Jan 2018
Man survives after voluntarily jumping into waterfall
7 Oct 2017
At least 36 killed in China bus crash
11 Aug 2017