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It's illegal to eat turtle eggs in Sabah, visitors reminded after video surfaces
8 Nov 2021
Firemen rescue 150kg sea turtle trapped on Terengganu beach
9 Aug 2020
Wild animals wander abandoned streets amid lockdowns
20 Apr 2020
13-year-old turtle conservationist among winners at Young Changemakers Awards
3 Dec 2019
Turtle tagging: Semporna divers question methods in lifting turtles in sea
14 May 2019
Search team rescues turtles stranded by Sunda Strait tsunami
26 Dec 2018
Plastic sheet removed from sea turtle's throat
3 Dec 2018
ASEAN SCOOP: First hospital for sea turtles in Asia
9 Mar 2018
Hundreds of turtles show up dead off the coast of El Salvador
4 Nov 2017
Mexican police escorts nesting turtles to the ocean
28 Oct 2017
Dead green turtle found covered in oil slick in Pulau Tioman, Pahang
30 Aug 2017
Beach cleanup to woo sea turtles back
29 Mar 2017
Coin-chomping turtle dies
22 Mar 2017
"Adopted" marine turtles returned to sea
6 Mar 2017