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Muhyiddin to Umno: RoS just doing their job
30 Oct 2018
Electoral Reform Committee sets agenda – RoS, EC, first-past-post in spotlight
29 Aug 2018
It’s official! Pakatan gets its certificate of registration from RoS
17 May 2018
Status quo for PPBM as political party 
23 Apr 2018
Bersatu founding member defends action taken by RoS to suspend PPBM
11 Apr 2018
GE14: Pribumi will still contest in 52 seats, says Tun M
6 Apr 2018
Tun M: Pribumi still a functioning party until permanent deregistration
6 Apr 2018
RoS temporarily dissolves PPBM (full version)
5 Apr 2018
RoS temporarily disbands Pribumi for 30 days
5 Apr 2018
Nazri mocks “mosquito PPBM,” says no effect on BN
5 Apr 2018
Bersatu: All documents requested by RoS have been submitted
31 Mar 2018
Bersatu will fulfil RoS' requirements, says Muhyiddin
24 Mar 2018
High Court to hear Pakatan's judicial review bid over RoS inaction on April 5
15 Mar 2018
Tun M: PH parties to use common logo during GE14
27 Feb 2018
Pakatan files judicial review against RoS
21 Feb 2018
RoS urged to speed up approval of Pakatan Harapan
21 Feb 2018
Give Registrar of Societies due respect, MCA tells Opposition
21 Feb 2018
Pakatan to take RoS to court for keeping mum on application
20 Feb 2018
Ahmad Zahid: RoS has initiated probe into Pribumi AGM
8 Feb 2018
Tun M on RoS: We have a backup plan
6 Feb 2018
Tun M: ROS still mum on Harapan registration
30 Jan 2018
Tun M tells RoS to state Pakatan's registration problem
3 Jan 2018
Pribumi leader: Party's AGM is invalid, Tun M should step down
2 Jan 2018
"As if we were frozen in time!", quips Guan Eng on DAP re-election
12 Nov 2017
DAP's CEC re-election on Nov 12
9 Oct 2017
DAP trio want RoS to publish list of members who voted in 2012 CEC poll
19 Sep 2017