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KPDNHEP says no complaints of price hike for red chili
8 Feb 2021
Domestic Trade Ministry to study rationale behind cooking oil price increase
19 Jan 2021
Top Glove: Glove prices may riseĀ 
25 Nov 2020
Rabobank: CPO prices to be higher in 2021
24 Nov 2020
Govt to reduce price of face masks to RM1
11 Aug 2020
New circuit breaker levels welcomed
13 Jul 2020
Shoppers in South Korea line up before dawn as Chanel price hike rumoured
13 May 2020
Seeing red over greens: Veggies top list of price hikes at 18%
5 Oct 2019
Utusan not shuttering, price of paper to increase by 50 sen
20 Aug 2019
Guan Eng refutes claim that costs increased after implementation of SST
28 Feb 2019
Prices of goods expected to go up in Thailand this year
8 Jan 2018
Bitcoin future trades kick off with a bang
12 Dec 2017
Ticket prices for Thai Airways increase
11 Dec 2017
Rafizi to Najib: Reduce fuel price by 20 sen and win GE14
9 Nov 2017
Starbucks hikes prices
13 Jul 2016
Melbourne properties spur Malaysian interest
6 Jun 2016
Dorab: Malaysian CPO price to rise on domestic demand
9 Mar 2016