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Rewcastle-Brown: Complete transparency needed for political funding
21 Feb 2019
Dr M: Govt to introduce new act to govern political funding
29 Jan 2019
Dr M: Govt wants public input on how political parties should be funded
5 Oct 2018
Give civil groups more freedom to educate on political funding, Cynthia Gabriel urges Govt
21 Jul 2018
Integrity institute urges new govt to escalate its suggestions on political funding
31 May 2018
Pakatan manifesto to include political funding laws
5 Mar 2018
Paul Low: Political funding law will not be tabled before GE14
2 Sep 2017
Nazir: I wish I hadn't done it
18 Apr 2016
Nazir defends himself
18 Apr 2016
Nazir to take leave of absence
18 Apr 2016