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Fire breaks out at elder couple’s house, wife dies despite husband’s effort to save her
8 Jun 2021
Taxi driver loses money after lending phone to passenger
2 Apr 2021
Covid-19: Face-to-face vaccine registrations will be done to encourage more sign-ups, says Khairy
22 Mar 2021
China's Xi tells Biden confrontation between China and US will be a 'disaster'
11 Feb 2021
Saifuddin: 1.3 million dubious prepaid lines detected
4 Nov 2020
Scams: Don’t easily believe callers claiming to be ‘police officer’, says IGP
7 Aug 2020
Hishammuddin back as foreign minister, main focus is to mend ties with Saudis
11 Mar 2020
Paul Yong will be back to work on Friday says aide
11 Jul 2019
Vietnam asks Malaysia to free woman accused of Kim Jong Nam's poisoning
13 Mar 2019
Massachusetts manslaughter conviction upheld in teen texting suicide case
7 Feb 2019
How a teen discovered Apple's FaceTime bug
31 Jan 2019
Bomb threat at Tampin hospital turns out to be hoax
14 Dec 2018
Beware of fake calls from banks
21 Nov 2018
Anwar: Najib fell silent when Dr M's name was mentioned
6 Sep 2018
Police bust scam syndicate, warn public to be careful of dubious phone calls
1 Aug 2018
Hoax phone caller extradited back to Kansas
4 Jan 2018
Apple unveils new iPhone with a big price tag
13 Sep 2017
Thai woman films herself threatening to kill son
15 Aug 2017
China urges restraint in North Korean conflict
13 Aug 2017