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Govt to allow face mask manufacturers to hire more foreign workers
14 Feb 2020
PM wants special court to hear corruption cases
19 Mar 2019
Dr M and South Korean president hold talks
13 Mar 2019
Dr Mahathir officiates new “Putrajaya” signage
31 Dec 2018
PM reminds civil servants that power given is not for self-interest
3 Dec 2018
Justo meets Tun M for fourth time
1 Nov 2018
PM performs Raya special morning prayers at National Mosque
15 Jun 2018
Robert Kuok to Dr M: You saved the country
23 May 2018
Tun M disbands SPAD, JASA, JKKKP, Pemandu, NPC
23 May 2018
Tun Mahathir’s first day in PMO
23 May 2018