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PM: Govt continues focus on education as main agenda
20 Sep 2022
A tribute to teachers who go above and beyond to make learning fun
14 May 2022
Distribution of digital devices for online learning questioned
11 Oct 2021
Over 12,000 laptops have been distributed to 95 schools nationwide
6 Jun 2021
Students to continue with online learning until July
6 Jun 2021
Mah Hang Soon: Apply 'blended learning' approach to handle Internet connectivity issues
28 Jan 2021
Parents flock to computer shops as home-based learning continues
23 Jan 2021
Curriculum realigned to help students during Covid-19, says deputy minister
1 Dec 2020
Over 160k higher learning students staying on campus despite intake deferment, Parliament told
19 Nov 2020
Malaysia's online learning implementation strategy in final stages of preparation
16 Nov 2020
Accept a 'new normal', urges PM
10 Apr 2020