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Biden, Bush among leaders paying tribute to Powell
19 Oct 2021
Allegations of terrorist threat in Southeast Asia by Japanese Govt unfounded, says Hishammuddin
14 Sep 2021
Auditor-General’s Report: China intruded into M’sian waters 89 times in last three years
14 Jul 2020
Cops, Armed Forces to work together to weed out drug abuse among personnel
2 Mar 2020
Dozens killed in stampede at funeral of slain Iranian commander, burial postponed
7 Jan 2020
Police may be allowed use of military hospitals
18 Jul 2019
Thai king's sister running for PM in March polls
8 Feb 2019
Head of Russian spy agency accused of British poison attack dies
22 Nov 2018
Military had 'genocidal intent' against Rohingya, says UN’s fact-finding team
27 Aug 2018
Malaysia and Indonesia to add more joint command posts
28 Sep 2017