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Planes carrying evacuees from Niger land in Europe
2 Aug 2023
A gruelling 1,300km drive with a checkpoint at every 50km to exit Sudan, says envoy
28 Apr 2023
Sudan paramilitaries say they have seized presidential palace in apparent coup bid
15 Apr 2023
Asean charter, centrality will guide the way to a solution in Myanmar
9 Mar 2023
The Straits Times | On the Thai campaign trail with Thaksin's daughter
6 Mar 2023
China-Asean summit held without Myanmar
22 Nov 2021
The Straits Times | Maid's fears for Myanmar family's safety
9 Nov 2021
Sudan PM detained in apparent coup
26 Oct 2021
UN: Millions face hunger as Myanmar crisis worsens
23 Apr 2021
Myanmar junta accuses Suu Kyi of accepting payments of US$600,000, plus gold
11 Mar 2021
Myanmar junta fires ambassador to the UN
28 Feb 2021
Protester becomes first fatality in Myanmar protests
19 Feb 2021
Myanmar people withdraw money from military-owned bank following coup
16 Feb 2021
Suu Kyi detention extended as protests continue in Myanmar
15 Feb 2021
Breakdancers join anti-coup protests in Myanmar
15 Feb 2021
NZ suspends ties with Myanmar, US wants junta to relinquish power
10 Feb 2021
Myanmar police fire rubber bullets, water cannons
9 Feb 2021
Tens of thousands rally against Myanmar coup
7 Feb 2021
Myanmar teachers strike against military coup
5 Feb 2021
Cars horns, striking pans heard around Myanmar city to protest coup
3 Feb 2021
Video of teacher dancing through Myanmar military coup goes viral
2 Feb 2021
Myanmar military coup: State of emergency declared
1 Feb 2021
Myanmar military seizes power, detains Suu Kyi
1 Feb 2021
Thai polls: Pro-military party takes the lead
25 Mar 2019
EU resumes official contacts with Thai junta
12 Dec 2017
Robert Mugabe sacked as ZANU-PF leader
19 Nov 2017
Zimbabwe's Mugabe resists pressure to quit
16 Nov 2017