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Taiwan Strait: Chinese ship 'cuts off US destroyer'
5 Jun 2023
Philippines release videos of confrontation with China military ships
28 Apr 2023
Uncertainty lingers as China drills in Taiwan scheduled to end
8 Aug 2022
U.S., allies cut some Russian banks off from SWIFT
27 Feb 2022
US defends evacuating embassy as Ukraine urges calm
14 Feb 2022
US orders embassy staff and families out of Kyiv
24 Jan 2022
Tens of thousands rally against Myanmar coup
7 Feb 2021
Malaysia and governments of other countries condemn Myanmar coup
1 Feb 2021
Myanmar military coup: State of emergency declared
1 Feb 2021
Beijing won't rule out Hong Kong military action
29 Jul 2019
Hisham: Military action insufficient in war against radicalism
17 Apr 2018