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B40 families benefit from RM1 shop and cafe
31 Mar 2022
Charity ambulance service for needy in Semenyih
20 Feb 2022
Uncle Kentang down with Covid-19
7 Feb 2022
Help thy neighbour: Food aid for 500 families in need
16 Jul 2021
'Missing dad' Robert Low has been found
9 Dec 2020
Finding friendship through charity
28 Aug 2020
BN wins back Semenyih
2 Mar 2019
Semenyih polls: Candidates cast ballots, turnout 63% as of 3pm
2 Mar 2019
Uncle Kentang wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the political scene
25 Feb 2019
Barisan candidate speaks in Mandarin in attempt to woo Chinese voters
23 Feb 2019
Semenyih by-election: Uncle Kentang pledges space for smokers in restaurants
22 Feb 2019
Uncle Kentang says he's not chickening out of debate
19 Feb 2019
Semenyih by-election: It's a four-cornered fight
16 Feb 2019
Motorists get traffic advice and goodies
31 Jan 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2017: Promoting unity through charity
15 Nov 2017