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North Korea fires cruise missiles, says South Korean military
22 Jul 2023
Hanoi residents "sad but still positive" after Trump-Kim summit ended without deal
1 Mar 2019
Trump 'had to walk' away from Kim summit
28 Feb 2019
NKorea's Kim promises to visit Seoul 'very soon'
19 Sep 2018
Trump-Kim summit: Terrific relationship beckons
12 Jun 2018
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for first time
12 Jun 2018
North Korea's Kim committed to Trump summit
27 May 2018
North and South Korea agree to goal of 'complete denuclearisation'
27 Apr 2018
North Korea says UN envoy expressed willingness to ease tensions
9 Dec 2017
Malaysians banned from going to North Korea
28 Sep 2017