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Illegal fertiliser repacking syndicate crippled
24 Jun 2019
Landowner and operator of an illegal factory fined RM2,000 over Bukit Teh illegal dumpsite
20 Jun 2019
Prosecution postponed in Johor chemical waste dumping case
14 Mar 2019
Indiscriminate dumping at Johor private land
20 Feb 2019
Illegal plastic recycling factories problem is at worrying levels
1 Sep 2018
Sungai Lembu factory finally shuts down
9 Oct 2017
MACC records statement from Phee
25 Aug 2017
"I am clean and free from corruption,'' says Phee
23 Aug 2017
MACC freezes Phee's bank accounts
20 Aug 2017
Gerakan: Lim Guan Eng should not point fingers at Barisan National
16 Aug 2017
Factory owners to bid farewell to Sungai Lembu folks
15 Aug 2017
Illegal Sungai Lembu factory ordered to cease operations
14 Aug 2017
Penang exco, two others released from remand detention
14 Aug 2017
Lawyers of Phee, two suspects fail to challenge remand in Kedah
13 Aug 2017
Dr Norlela has the rights to perform her duty, says Penang Gerakan chairman
13 Aug 2017
Village head says he has approached carbon filter factory operator but to no avail
12 Aug 2017
Phee and two others remanded for five days
12 Aug 2017
Illegal factory raided by authorities
11 Aug 2017
Penang exco Phee Boon Poh detained in illegal factory probe
11 Aug 2017