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Gun was declared safe before Alec Baldwin fired it
23 Oct 2021
NY church gunman: Just shoot me
14 Dec 2020
Teenager charged with homicide in Kenosha protest shootings
27 Aug 2020
Gunman kills at least 16 in Nova Scotia in Canada's worst mass shooting
20 Apr 2020
Gunman kills six in Czech hospital, then shoots himself
10 Dec 2019
Two shot dead by sailor at Hawaii military base
5 Dec 2019
Five killed, including gunman, 21 injured in West Texas shooting
1 Sep 2019
Gunman kills at least 20 in El Paso shooting
4 Aug 2019
Four dead in California shooting, including suspected gunman
29 Jul 2019
Christchurch gunman pleads not guilty to all charges
14 Jun 2019
Disgruntled city employee kills 12 in Virginia; suspect also killed
1 Jun 2019
Two students open fire at Colorado school, killing one, wounding eight
8 May 2019
Gunman in synagogue shooting identified
28 Apr 2019
New Zealand bans semi-automatic and assault rifles
21 Mar 2019
Gun shop owner: Christchurch suspect bought guns online
18 Mar 2019
M’sian survivor: I saw a pile of bodies in the Christchurch mosque
15 Mar 2019
"One of New Zealand’s darkest days" after mosque shootings, says New Zealand PM
15 Mar 2019
Gunman opens fire at mosque in Christchurch
15 Mar 2019
Dismissed employee kills five co-workers in Illinois factory shooting
16 Feb 2019
Shooting at Chicago hospital leaves at least 4 dead
20 Nov 2018
Gunshots heard as patron films gunman shooting inside California bar
9 Nov 2018
Live stream captures moments of Florida video game shooting
27 Aug 2018
Depressed student kills himself with stolen pistol
27 Jun 2018
Trump vows action on gun background checks
22 Feb 2018
US gun owners take to social media to destroy their guns
21 Feb 2018
Protests against gun violence in US schools
20 Feb 2018
"The adults have let us down": Florida students demand stricter gun laws
19 Feb 2018
Gunman kills four in California shooting spree
15 Nov 2017
Gunman kills at least 26 worshippers at Texas church
6 Nov 2017
White House calls Dem demands for action on guns 'premature'
3 Oct 2017
One dead, several wounded in Nashville church shooting
25 Sep 2017