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Repaired ancient frescoes, statues attract tourists in NW China
28 Jul 2021
Tracing ancient Silk Road through rutted road
18 Jul 2021
800-year-old ethnic broadsword forging craftsmanship in China
7 Jul 2021
China's Shenzhou-12 crewed spacecraft docks with space station module
17 Jun 2021
Astronaut trio looking forward to tomorrow’s China spaceship launch
16 Jun 2021
Shenzhou-12 to send three Chinese astronauts to build space station
16 Jun 2021
At least 21 marathon participants die due to extreme weather in China
23 May 2021
Vlog: Lanzhou's hand-pulled noodles
15 Nov 2020
China conducts test flights of its 'flying taxi'
15 Sep 2020
Entries for third International Desert Sculpture Symposium finalised
31 Aug 2020
Poverty alleviation spices up life in NW China
12 Aug 2020
Early spring flowers bloom in northwest China
8 Mar 2020
14 killed, 34 injured in vehicle pileup in Lanzhou
4 Nov 2018