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Calves' heads and Chopin: France bids farewell to Chirac
30 Sep 2019
Former French president Jacques Chirac dies, aged 86
26 Sep 2019
At UN, India and Germany pledge new funding, plans to fight climate change
24 Sep 2019
Fate of G7 Amazon aid simmers amid Macron-Bolsonaro row
28 Aug 2019
G7 makes US$20m Amazon aid deal, amid Bolsonaro row
27 Aug 2019
Macron to speed up tax cuts, raise wages at 'historic time' for France
11 Dec 2018
Chinese Interpol chief reported missing on home visit, say French police
5 Oct 2018
Malian hero to receive French citizenship
28 May 2018
Macron and wife on maiden China visit as president
8 Jan 2018
Macron says he regrets Trump's Jerusalem decision
7 Dec 2017
Macron's dog pees in Elysee meeting
24 Oct 2017