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Muhyiddin: China aware of foreign exchange scam
2 Dec 2019
Cabinet to discuss next course of action to tackle haze issue, says Saifuddin
17 Sep 2019
BNM liberalises FEA policy
16 Aug 2019
BNM: RM cushioned by institutional investors
16 Nov 2018
Special police team set up to probe forex losses
1 Dec 2017
King gets RCI report on forex losses today
13 Oct 2017
Tun Daim says BNM kept him in the dark on forex issue
18 Sep 2017
Nor Mohamed failed to give accurate report on forex losses, Anwar tells RCI
8 Sep 2017
Tun M appears at BNM forex RCI as Anwar testifies
7 Sep 2017
Anwar turns up at BNM forex losses RCI
7 Sep 2017
Nor Mohamed, Zeti take witness stand in RCI proceedings
6 Sep 2017
Anwar to testify at BNM forex losses RCI tomorrow
6 Sep 2017
Tun M did not react when told of RM30bil forex losses
30 Aug 2017
Tun M: I know quite a lot on Forex loss
24 Aug 2017
RCI: Bank Negara suffered RM31.5bil forex losses
21 Aug 2017
RCI on Bank Negara's forex losses begins
8 Aug 2017
Cheah: US dollar likely to weaken
25 Mar 2017
Cheah on China's investments in Malaysia
25 Mar 2017
Cheah: US-China dependent on each other
25 Mar 2017
Cheah on China's capital controls
25 Mar 2017
More US dollar strength expected
10 Jan 2017
Ringgit disconnected from fundamentals
10 Jan 2017
EPF will not invest in forex schemes
29 May 2016
Maybank KE retaining RM at 3.90 to US dollar
18 Apr 2016
US rate hike no deterrent to Asian fund flows
18 Apr 2016
CSR suffers foreign exchange loss
21 Jan 2016