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US: Downed objects have no link to China's spying programme
17 Feb 2023
US fighter jet downs flying object over Canada
12 Feb 2023
Chinese fighter jet came within 3m of US military aircraft, US says
30 Dec 2022
Bomb threat on SIA flight - fighter jets escort plane to Changi Airport, man held
28 Sep 2022
Chinese fighter jet crashes during training drill, killing one resident
9 Jun 2022
Armed Forces, RMAF chiefs should determine whether to ground Hawk 108 jets, says Hisham
17 Nov 2021
Thorough probe to be conducted on Hawk crash, says RMAF deputy chief
17 Nov 2021
'Different sound' coming from fighter jet prior to crash, says eyewitness
17 Nov 2021
What could a fighter jet pilot do moments before a crash
11 Dec 2020
Firemen struggling to contain fires in Kuala Baram and Miri
25 Feb 2020
Photos of Thai royal consort up on website again after crashing
29 Aug 2019
Dr M: So much money spent on how to kill people
4 Apr 2019
Dr M: Malaysia not buying fighter jets from China
25 Mar 2019
Malaysia seeks help to repair Russian-bought fighter jets
14 Nov 2018