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Syria's Assad wins 4th term with 95% of vote
28 May 2021
Myanmar junta accuses Suu Kyi of accepting payments of US$600,000, plus gold
11 Mar 2021
Malaysia and governments of other countries condemn Myanmar coup
1 Feb 2021
Myanmar military seizes power, detains Suu Kyi
1 Feb 2021
Pro-Trump protesters: This isn’t over
15 Nov 2020
Can Trump be evicted from the White House?
13 Nov 2020
Donald Trump Jr says America is not a 'banana republic', claiming voting fraud
6 Nov 2020
Abolish postal voting, says Bersih
10 Jan 2018
Liberians await outcome of historic election
28 Dec 2017
Billionaire Babis scores big Czech election win
23 Oct 2017