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Elderly man dies after being pinned under garbage truck in Penang
23 Feb 2021
Wheelchair-bound elderly woman found abandoned on street in Shah Alam
21 Feb 2021
Deliveryman saves elderly man in Suzhou
5 Dec 2020
Elderly man arrested for driving against traffic flow on highway
30 Oct 2020
Passers-by in China lift car to save elderly man pinned underneath
18 Sep 2020
Wan Azizah shares touching '50 sen donation' story to remind PKR members of original struggle
8 Dec 2019
Turn yourself in, son of killed sanitation worker tells HK protester
23 Nov 2019
Robbers linked to elderly woman's death caught after car chase, shootout
17 Sep 2019
Elderly woman in Penang found abused in flat
14 Mar 2019
Man who chopped up father to undergo psychiatric evaluation
22 Oct 2018
Old bullock carts made anew give good income
16 Mar 2018
Cops nab brothers over snatch theft of elderly woman’s bag in Kota Baru
25 Feb 2018
Foreign husband praised for courtesy to monks and homeless
20 Feb 2018
Basketry work earns money as hobby for Thai patient
16 Jan 2018
Yakuza hitman arrested in Thailand
15 Jan 2018
Drone finds missing elderly woman lost in cornfield
8 Nov 2017
Helping those less fortunate motivates Kelvin Wan
3 Oct 2017
Man yanks out pubic hair and sprinkles it on lady passenger in train
19 Sep 2017
Couple apologise for berating senior citizen at Singapore hawker centre
12 Aug 2017