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Express bus operators subsidised diesel quota increased to 6,000 litres per month, says Loke
16 Jul 2024
Budi Madani system built 'inhouse' by civil servants, Dewan Rakyat told
15 Jul 2024
Sungai Bakap's Pakatan defeat not due to diesel subsidy scheme, claims Rafizi
10 Jul 2024
Issuance of diesel subsidy fleet cards to be expedited, says Armizan
10 Jul 2024
Works Ministry closely monitoring construction materials prices, says Nanta
4 Jul 2024
Govt studying impact of various measures before deciding on RON95 subsidy rationalisation - Anwar
2 Jul 2024
Amir Hamzah's diesel subsidy rationalisation explanation sets off heated debate in Dewan Rakyat
24 Jun 2024
Govt confident of achieving 2024 inflation, GDP targets even with diesel subsidy retargeting
24 Jun 2024
Proactive measures kept prices in check after diesel subsidy rationalisation, Dewan Rakyat hears
24 Jun 2024
Subsidy rationalisation to stop fund leaks, says Anwar
18 Jun 2024
Government ready to address weaknesses in targeted diesel subsidy, says Anwar
15 Jun 2024
Targeted diesel subsidy: Stern action on school bus operators who raise fares, warns PM
14 Jun 2024
Govt focusing on targeted diesel subsidy for now, says Amir Hamzah
12 Jun 2024
Tour bus operators temporarily placed on diesel subsidy eligibility list, says Fahmi
12 Jun 2024
Anwar defends diesel subsidy rationalisation, prioritises public welfare
11 Jun 2024
Diesal subsidy realisation garners mixed reaction from the public
10 Jun 2024
Alternative energy the answer to diesel price woes, says Abang Jo
10 Jun 2024
Rafizi: Date of diesel subsidy rationalisation will be announced when "the sequencing is correct"
6 Jun 2024
Diesel subsidy: Choose SKDS 2.0 or Budi Madani, not both, Armizan tells applicants
30 May 2024
One million fleet cards readied ahead of diesel subsidy rationalisation, says Armizan
30 May 2024
Measures in place for targeted diesel subsidy rollout, says Anwar
28 May 2024
PM: Finance Minister II to clarify diesel subsidy soon, responds to Hamzah's criticism
26 May 2024
Diesel subsidy rationalisation to be done this year, says Domestic Trade Minister
23 May 2024
Govt will announce timeline for diesel subsidy rationalisation when it is ready, says Rafizi
15 May 2024
Those spreading fake message on diesel subsidy withdrawal identified, says Fahmi
13 Dec 2023
Blanket diesel subsidy gives rise to leakages, smuggling, says Ahmad Zahid
28 Nov 2023
Diesel subsidy system to be improved, says PM
15 May 2023
Govt spent RM42bil on fuel subsidies, Parliament told
30 Mar 2023
Targeted subsidies for diesel by middle of the year, says Ahmad Maslan
27 Mar 2023
Opposition MP wants Anwar referred to panel for remarks on RM10bil diesel subsidy
15 Mar 2023
Current fuel subsidy to be reviewed, targeted subsidy for needy instead, says Tengku Zafrul
10 Mar 2022