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Zahid proposes RM3,500 minimum wage for skilled Malaysian workers
22 Mar 2018
Govt to provide assistance to keep prices low in KR1M 2.0 outlets
21 Mar 2018
DPM: Google, Facebook tax proposal to be discussed by Cabinet
13 Mar 2018
Action committee to deal with rising cost of living
6 Mar 2018
DPM: BN must change approach in managing public perception to gain votes
4 Mar 2018
Ahmad Zahid: Leave for all police personnel frozen
2 Mar 2018
DPM: Up to 30,000 road fatalities yearly
25 Feb 2018
Zahid: Govt will not protect those involved with abusing domestic workers
20 Feb 2018
Be prepared to face action, Zahid tells Namewee
15 Feb 2018
Ahmad Zahid: RoS has initiated probe into Pribumi AGM
8 Feb 2018
Special programme to empower Palestinian, Syrian refugee children in Malaysia launched
3 Feb 2018
Malaysia pledges to keep World Urban Forum incident-free
2 Feb 2018
Government announces RM2mil allocation for Indian Cultural Centre
31 Jan 2018
DPM: Wrong to say only one race fought for country
16 Jan 2018
Zahid: Integrity checks to be conducted on BN candidates
16 Jan 2018
Stateless kids have ‘blanket approval’ to attend school, says DPM
11 Jan 2018
Zahid: Laws on juvenile crime need to be reviewed
9 Jan 2018
Zahid: Naming Dr M for PM is the “right decision”
9 Jan 2018
Malaysia to seek extradition of terror suspect via mutual legal assistance with Pakistan
28 Dec 2017
Melaka hosts national-level Xmas celebration
28 Dec 2017
Malaysia's stance remains despite USA's warning over Jerusalem move
21 Dec 2017
Malaysia to push for UN meet on Palestine-Israel crisis
20 Dec 2017
Wife of slain man prays for him at crime scene
19 Dec 2017
Zahid admits Govt's failure in war on drugs
17 Dec 2017
Zahid on Imams: I smelled something not pleasant
17 Dec 2017
Zahid: Save 90%, hire maids online
15 Dec 2017
Clean up at KLIA with 40% immigration staff transferred
15 Dec 2017
Motley to meet Tun M to advocate for Anwar's release
11 Dec 2017
Umno AGM: Zahid pledges utmost loyalty to party and president
9 Dec 2017
Zahid: Conflict will recur in Mid-East
7 Dec 2017
2/3 majority: Tall order but not impossible, say Umno vice-presidents
7 Dec 2017
Zahid: Winning big
6 Dec 2017
Zahid: Ex-Umno leaders now ‘political shamans’ out to destroy party
6 Dec 2017
Zahid: Any calls for secession punishable by law
6 Dec 2017
Spend for the party and not for oneself, party members told
5 Dec 2017
Zahid: Don't let internal sabotage ruin Umno's chances in GE14
5 Dec 2017
Zahid: MACC should also investigate private sector, state governments
4 Dec 2017
Cops to seek extradition of six caught in Hong Kong for drug smuggling
2 Dec 2017
Do not let Najib walk alone, Zahid urges Malay NGO
2 Dec 2017
Barisan is 95% ready to face GE14
30 Nov 2017
DPM gives flood preparations a ‘10’ rating
29 Nov 2017
Zahid: Malaysia will not emulate Durtete's anti drug campaign
29 Nov 2017
Sabah and Sarawak will remain in Malaysia, says Zahid
27 Nov 2017
Zahid urges Myanmar to resolve Rohingya crisis
27 Nov 2017
Zahid: GE14 may happen within days after CNY
26 Nov 2017
DPM supports call for National Education Commission
25 Nov 2017
Muhammad Muqharabbin set to become Grand Slam Explorer
24 Nov 2017
Electronic monitoring device helps de-radicalise terrorists in Malaysia
22 Nov 2017
DPM takes Barisan Nasional's MPs absent during bloc vote to task
22 Nov 2017
Uighur escapees still at large, says DPM
22 Nov 2017
Over 700,000 drug pushers and addicts arrested over the last three years
20 Nov 2017
Pakatan coalition's registration did not go through, says Zahid
20 Nov 2017
Home Minister not ‘home’ for Pakatan's visit but explanation given
20 Nov 2017
Zahid visits Anwar in hospital a day after Najib
18 Nov 2017
Sign from God for BN to retake Penang, Zahid tells Gerakan
12 Nov 2017
Zahid urges Gerakan leaders to go to grassroots
12 Nov 2017
DPM: Not listening to experts' advice can result in catastrophe
10 Nov 2017
Zahid addresses questions on Zakir Naik in Dewan Rakyat
8 Nov 2017
Army engineers to repair broken Sungai Jarak bund
6 Nov 2017
DPM visits flood-hit areas in Penang
6 Nov 2017
Penang floods: Police and military deployed
5 Nov 2017
Penang Floods: Armed forces help sought
5 Nov 2017
DPM: No security issues with hiring foreign maids directly
29 Oct 2017
Zahid rebukes Azmin Ali's criticism that Budget 2018 copies Pakatan's budget proposal
29 Oct 2017
Zahid: 'Datuk Seri' who beat up Rela volunteers should surrender to police
29 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Yes, it's an election budget, says Zahid
27 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Najib ends speech with clarion call for GE14 victory
27 Oct 2017
Zahid: Request forwarded to Interpol to locate Jho Low
23 Oct 2017
Zahid: No political element in MACC Sabah's operation
6 Oct 2017
DPM: Umno doesn't sanction Jamal's beer stunt
6 Oct 2017
PM to address social ills among teenagers in townhall, says Zahid
1 Oct 2017
Zahid passes buck on beer fest blanket ban to IGP
1 Oct 2017
Zahid: Use Pondok Pak Ya tragedy as precedent for investigation
15 Sep 2017
Tahfiz fire: Government to bear all funeral costs
14 Sep 2017
Zahid: Tuanku Abdul Halim's passing a great loss to the nation
12 Sep 2017
Zahid: Halal Malaysia Council to discuss 'Halaljaya' proposal next year
11 Sep 2017
Keeping checks on private bodyguards’ use of firearms
7 Sep 2017
Zahid: Don't joke about hajj pilgrimage
27 Aug 2017
Umno told to get the people registered as voters to support the party
19 Aug 2017
Zahid: All foreign workers to undergo medical screening
17 Aug 2017
DPM: Pensioners must stay loyal to the Government
15 Aug 2017
Zahid: Stern action will be taken against those behind forum fracas
14 Aug 2017