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Najib: We are ready to face GE14
9 Dec 2017
2/3 majority: Tall order but not impossible, say Umno vice-presidents
7 Dec 2017
MIC will provide full support to attain two-thirds majority in the coming GE
6 Dec 2017
Umno AGM: Delegates take on the President's message
5 Dec 2017
Vote for BN which guarantees future of Malaysia, says PM
3 Dec 2017
Khalid Ibrahim to help BN wrest Selangor in GE14 - subtitled
2 Dec 2017
Khalid Ibrahim to help BN wrest Selangor in GE14 – Full press conference
2 Dec 2017
Barisan is 95% ready to face GE14
30 Nov 2017
Nazri: Learn from Trump
25 Nov 2017
Liow: BN has made good on promises
23 Nov 2017
DPM takes Barisan Nasional's MPs absent during bloc vote to task
22 Nov 2017
Nine Penang BN reps storm out after hill slope development motion amended
14 Nov 2017
Sign from God for BN to retake Penang, Zahid tells Gerakan
12 Nov 2017
Vote BN to restore your rightful place, Najib urges Chinese community
5 Nov 2017
Najib: Without peace and stability, business is doomed
5 Nov 2017
Pakatan...even the name is sinister, says MCA president
5 Nov 2017
‘Kepala bapak kau’, Najib remarks
5 Nov 2017
GE14 - Bring it on, says Liow
5 Nov 2017
PM opens MCA's 64th annual meet
5 Nov 2017
Najib: Social media key to GE14 win for BN
4 Nov 2017
Next general election important turning point for MCA, says Liow
31 Oct 2017
Highlights of Budget 2018
28 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Reactions from lawmakers
27 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Najib ends speech with clarion call for GE14 victory
27 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Najib gives “Mother of All Budgets” as BN gears up for GE14
27 Oct 2017
Bersih 2.0 questions BN operations room launch
26 Oct 2017
PM stresses tolerance among BN component parties ahead of GE14
21 Oct 2017
Najib disapproves of Muslim-only laundrettes
21 Oct 2017
PM: BN continues to defend and support Chinese schools
21 Oct 2017
MCA disagrees with Taib's suggestion on regaining Selangor
6 Oct 2017
Najib given rousing welcome home
15 Sep 2017
Najib: Dispute over seat allocation should be resolved in the spirit of consensus
8 Sep 2017
BN Youth calls on UN to end Rohingya persecution
8 Sep 2017
PAS: GE14 three-cornered fights not our fault
5 Sep 2017
Barisan leaders in closed-door meeting with Najib in Penang
17 Aug 2017