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Anglers free whale shark using a cleaver
2 Dec 2019
Illegal wildlife farm near Sibu raided, over two dozen endangered animals rescued
16 Oct 2019
Elephant rescued after netizen posts SOS on FB
30 May 2019
Couple give their all to helping cats and dogs in need
4 Feb 2019
Tanti Kitten Rescuer
1 Jun 2018
Cat saved after suspectedly thrown into river
15 May 2018
Dogs and cats rescued after trapped inside home for two months
2 Apr 2018
Man rescues rabbit from California wildfires
8 Dec 2017
Trapped kittens saved from sewer duct
15 Aug 2017
One lucky pooch
30 Jun 2017
Kittens rescued from psycho boyfriend
24 Feb 2016