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Dog bludgeoned to death following accident
9 Jul 2023
Ex-military man fined for shooting neighbour's cat with air rifle
22 Jun 2023
High Court dismisses light caning for youth who set dog on fire
21 May 2023
Teen who set dog on fire pleads guilty to animal abuse
12 Apr 2023
Man admits to setting dog on fire, asks for forgiveness
31 Mar 2023
Cops on the hunt for man who shot dog with bow and arrow in KL
24 Sep 2022
Broker claims trial to charge of injuring, killing cats in Seberang Jaya
18 Jan 2021
Woman who allegedly hurt cats remanded for four days
31 Dec 2020
Woman to be investigated for hurting cats
30 Dec 2020
KL cops question man who threw cat forcefully to the ground in viral video
23 Sep 2020
Report lodged after video circulates of man killing puppies
2 Aug 2019
Cat killer slapped with 15 months jail
14 Jun 2019
Animal welfare groups protest against canine shooting incident
26 May 2019
Ipoh City Council stands by action in shooting of dog
24 May 2019
Wildlife abuse rampant in Miri, admits forestry chief
1 Feb 2019
Duo who dragged dog for 2.3km slapped with enhanced sentence
2 Feb 2018
Happy reunion for Furby and his owner
25 Jan 2018
Tracking devices to be taken off dugongs following criticism
2 Jun 2017
Campaigning against the abuse of man’s best friend
24 Mar 2017
Dead tiger cubs found in Thai temple
2 Jun 2016