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Man who drove against traffic on SKVE, crashed into two motorcycles held
12 Apr 2022
Driving against traffic flow: Marketing exec charged with murdering two teens
20 Sep 2021
Pickup truck driver remanded for another three days over death of two teenagers
17 Sep 2021
Constable arrested for allegedly driving against traffic flow and DUI
23 Dec 2020
Elderly man arrested for driving against traffic flow on highway
30 Oct 2020
Wanted: Driver who drove against traffic on Federal Highway motorcycle lane
22 Aug 2020
Alleged drunk driver in Kuantan counter-traffic collision charged with murder
1 Jun 2020
Alleged intoxicated driver who caused man’s death remanded for four days
27 May 2020
Wrong-way Myvi driver remanded
17 May 2020
Toy cars used to ask questions in reckless driving trial
20 Sep 2019
Suicidal driver goes against traffic flow on NPE
19 Jan 2018