Blockade – Safeguarding ancestral land

Blockade – Safeguarding ancestral land


  • Synopsis

      The orang asli community in Kelantan had set up a blockade in the Balah Permanent Forest Reserve in Gua Musang, Kelantan on September 24th. The initiative was to prevent loggers from going in and out of what the local villagers claim is part of their ancestral land, to prevent further deforestation of the land. The standoff between the Orang Asli activists and the loggers escalated on September 26 when the loggers appeared to have used chainsaws to cut down the barricade while the activists were still clinging on to it. Once the barricade was dismantled, they drove one of their lumber lorries through the path, also forcing the orang asli group to retreat.

      The confrontation has sparked various reactions from different factions, including the Police saying they would investigate the incident, the Kelantan Loggers Association (PPK) denying allegations that it had carried out forest clearing activities there and bullied the orang asli who were living in that area. Despite the confrontation, the orang asli community remained determined to maintain the blockade. The barricade was restored after the loggers left.

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